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SIGMA Researchers


Prof. Paul Walsh

Software Researcher

Prof. Paul Walsh, Director, holds a Ph.D., M.Sc. and B.Sc. Hons in Computer Science from the National University of Ireland and has a long list of publications including outstanding paper awards. He was recently awarded a distinction in project management and has consulted on a wide range of projects from start-up technology companies to managing projects for entities such as Endress, Barclays Bank,SEFTec, Teagasc, Irish Naval Service, Cork University Hospital, Glanbia, Royal Infirmary Scotland, University of Edinburgh, QNB and the European Commission. He is funded under national and international research schemes such as the EU H2020 program where he oversees research in data analytics, machine learning and high performance computing. He has architected and managed enterprise and mobile software development projects, including 21 CFR Part 11 and GAMP compliant enterprise solutions for life science industry. He sits on the editorial board of the Landes Sciences Journal BioEngineered and is founder and CTO for life science start-up NSilico,




Dr. Ted Scully

Assistant Lecturer, Computing Department




Tim Manning

"I am developing an algorithm which automatically decomposes a task into a set of sub-tasks and co-evolves a network to deal with each sub-task. The individual networks are combined to form a solution to the problem."




Alfie Keary

"My research aims to prove that affective and perceptual computing will play a crucial role in applied application domains and will influence the design and functionality of next generation computer mediated communications (CMC) platforms."



Rob Deegan

"I  started in the CIT in 1997, and have an undergraduate degree in computing. My research MSc is in HCI and I am currently a SFI funded PhD student using genetic algorithims and machine learning to improve offshore wind farms. I am also a Lecturer at the CIT and a Usability Consultant at Nimbus."




Xiangwu Chris Lu

"Cloud Computing Analytical Techniques for RNA Profiling.  Set up web services of bioinformatic tools on cloud instance by using Python.

Sequence adapter clipping tools analysis and benchmarking. Developed web based sequence adapter clipping toolkit on cloud instance."





Prasad Gade

"The main objectives of this research was carried out in two aspects, to test an Interactive Genetic Algorithm and to investigate if a genetic algorithm that used an aesthetic fitness measure could be designed to evolve fractal landscapes automatically."




Mark Roddy

"Mark is Senior Researcher at the Cork Institute of Technology and over the last twenty years has been at the forefront of collaborative European research for next generation Internet services.
His research interests have included the deployment of advanced multimedia services over 3G, crowdsourcing cognitive surplus for disaster relief scenarios, delivery of personal wellbeing over online virtual reality platforms, and more recently the design of pre-hospital emergency services over 5G networks.
Born in Belfast, Mark holds an MBS in Entrepreneurship Management from the University of Limerick, and a PG Diploma in Innovation Management from NUIG. He has over twenty research publications, including two prize winning papers from his research in pervasive smart spaces."


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